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Groton Dunstable
Youth Softball League
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Groton Dunstable Softball League
General Information

Spring softball league for Pre-K through 9th grade students in Groton and Dunstable, MA.
Summer softball team(s) (ages vary based on player interest)
Fall softball team(s) (ages vary based on player interest)

Divisions (Spring Softball)
Division 1 Grades Pre-K & K
Division 2 Grades 1, 2 & 3
Division 3 Grades 4 & 5 Rules
Division 4 Grades 6 & 7 Rules
Division 5 Grades 8 & 9 Rules
2018 League Officers
2018 Board of Directors
Mike Kinnon
Don Barry
Kate Shamberger
Jessica Columbus
Matt Davey
2018 Division Coordinators
Division 1 Mike Kinnon
Division 2 Don Barry
Division 3 Jessica Columbus
Division 4 Mike Kinnon
GDYSL uses the State CORI system to provide a safe environment for our kids. New rules by the State changed the way that we submit CORIs. GDYSL is required to submit new CORIs for all coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers. This applies to all adults involved with Clinic through Travel, regardless if a CORI was submitted in prior years.

There are multiple steps in this process:
  • You volunteer via our player registration system/website,or by contacting a league representative
  • You provide a copy of your driver license for verification of registration information
  • The GDYSL Registrar submits CORI information to the iCORI system
Volunteering via our registration system

When you registered your child, you had the option to volunteer. If you were solicited to coach or assist after this, the registrar can add you as a volunteer. In either case, the information you provided during registration (address, phone, etc…) are used for the process.

Providing a copy of your driver license

Copies of your driver's license can either be:

  • photocopied and mailed to GDYSL @ PO Box 742, Groton MA 01450
  • scanned or photographed and emailed to the Registrar at cori@gdysl.com

We follow strict requirements in keeping the information confidential and accessible only to approved entities.

Now you can start to prepare to coach. If you have any difficulties, please contact our CORI administrator.

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